Grocery Shopping List Printable

I’ve created this grocery shopping list printables collection to assist with proper food planning, which is one of the biggest expenses after rent.

The previous article covered 9 Efficient Ways to Save on Groceries Without Using Coupons.

In that article, one of the top methods I recommend was shopping with a checklist.

I’ve been using grocery checklists for years. I love them because they keep me organized so I can get in and out ASAP.

Why Grocery Checklist?

When you go grocery shopping without a checklist, you’ll get distracted by all the colorful displays and instantly forget why you’re in the store.

A grocery checklist prevents you from doing that and wasting your time.

Wandering also means you’ll get distracted with the merchandise and end up spending more money than you intended.

Or worse, buying stuff you don’t need and/or are never going to eat.

financial Benefits of Using a Grocery Shopping Checklist

Benefits of Using a Grocery Shopping Checklist

1. Grocery Checklists Save Money

Using a grocery shopping checklist will save you a lot of money as time goes by. You are able to properly prioritize what you need and keep track of it once in the store.

2. Grocery Checklists Save Time

Repeating myself here but grocery checklists save you time and prevent you from randomly wandering through aisles wasting your time.

When you group together items on the grocery checklist, you can go directly to what you want.

3. Healthier Lifestyle With a Grocery Checklist

When you put some thought into your grocery checklist, you’ll be more inclined to put healthier foods on the list especially if you’re on a weight loss journey.

Think about the time you bought fatty crap when you were shopping. Did you have a grocery list with you? Probably not.

Having a grocery checklist on hand prevents impulsive buying.

4. Grocery Checklists Minimize Waste

I have a friend that likes to go shopping without a list. Every week, she picks up every color of capsicum, which she eventually throws out.

She has no idea why she buys them. She just does even though she knows she’ll just throw them out. That’s a lot of food waste.

With a grocery checklist, you ensure only the things you are definitely going to eat end up on the list.

5. Less Trips to the Grocery Store

I wrote about my infamous salmon shopping trip where I bought everything but the salmon in 9 Efficient Ways to Save on Groceries Without Using Coupons.

It was an instance where I went shopping without a list and ended up making multiple trips and spending more money.

With a grocery checklist, you can grab everything at once and won’t have to make trips to the store all week.

6. Less Hassle With a Grocery Checklist

Going grocery shopping with a checklist is less hassle. People and their carts get in the way a lot while shopping.

Can you imagine how horrendous it would be going at it without a list? This is also important if you have anxiety or don’t like crowds.

How Do You Write a Grocery Shopping List?

To create a grocery shopping list, you should start with a meal plan. You can create a weekly meal plan or a meal plan for the month.

After you create the meal plan, use this to put together the grocery shopping list.

When you go grocery shopping, check for when the main items on your grocery checklist go on sale every week.

Use that knowledge to adjust your meal plans and/or checklist.

Be sure to keep a running list in the kitchen and bedroom for items as you run out of them.

What is the Best Time to Go Grocery Shopping?

The best time and day of the week to go grocery shopping is mid-week between 9 am – 12 pm. Late in the evening a few hours before closing time is also good.

You may find the times vary a bit depending on where you live and the type of store.

The busiest and most aggravating days to go grocery shopping is on the weekends so avoid if you can.

Best Grocery Checklist Printable

This grocery list printable collection is 30 plus pages and includes:-

  • Grocery shopping list
  • Grocery shopping checklist for kids (if you go shopping with your kids)
  • Grocery budget template
  • Ongoing grocery shopping list
  • Weekly meal planner with notes section
  • Monthly meal planner (2020 – 2021)

The ongoing grocery list is vital if you have a household with more than one person.

It’s a complete binder that helps you coordinate weekly shopping in coordination with your meal plans.

Download the grocery checklist printable collection from the Financial Journey HQ here.

Best grocery checklist printable. Get organized and save more money

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